Succesfull new year event CTQB!

The new year had a great start for those who are working as a tester or are interesting in the testing profession. Cai Walters, vice-president of the Curacaose Testing Qualifications Board (CTQB), welcomed over 40 interested person at the new year event.

July, 2nd 2018 - New ISTQB Foundation syllabus released

At the ISTQB General Assembly in Toronto, the new ISTQB Foundation syllabus (version 2018) has been released, this new syllabus is now available on the download page of this website.

May, 18th 2018 - Performance Testing Syllabus in review

The new Advanced Level Performance Testing syllabus is now being reviewed by members of the CTQB. The release of this syllabus is expected, autumn 2018.

December, 18th 2017 – ISTQB Certificates on Bonaire

In a special session on Bonaire the people who have recently passed the ISTQB Foundation exam, have been awarded their certificate.

November, 15th 2017 - CTQB Statistics

A very nice pass rate for the 17 participants at the ISTQB Foundation exam last week, no less than 70% have passed the exam.

October, 27th 2017 - ISTQB General Assembly

Erik van Veenendaal (president CTQB) “proud to be representing Curacao at the ISTQB General Assembly in Brussels today.”