The TMMi Foundation has created the Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi), a detailed model for test process improvement which has meanwhile become the world standard for test process improvement. Testing as defined in the TMMi is applied in its broadest sense to encompass all software product quality related activities. TMMi is intended to be life cycle independent. A specific guideline is available describing how to interpret and use TMMi in an Agile context.

TMMi Local Chapter TMMi Career Path

The CTQB is the official TMMi local chapter for the Caribbean and Surinam. As such, we will

  • Market TMMi locally
  • Ensure that TMMi model is available locally
  • Ensure that TMMi assessment training and TMMi assessment services are available locally.
  • Represent Curaçao and the region, and work closely with the TMMi Foundation centrally.

Interested person can become certified for TMMi. A full TMMi career path has been defined that distinguished two main streams:

  • Consultancy those who provide guidance on TMMi based test process improvement and lead test improvement projects.
  • Assessments those who perform informal and formal TMMi assessments.

Test professionals can progress in their career and ultimately become a Certified TMMi test process improver and/or accredited TMMi Lead Assessor

A full description of the TMMi career path is available on the download section of this website.

TMMi assessments and certification